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Stages Arising in the Formulation of a Scientific Problem

We have repeatedly said that writing any dissertation is a multi-level process. Moreover, each of its individual stages can be divided into even smaller steps. Accordingly, in order to formulate the problem itself, it is necessary to make some efforts by dividing its definition into the following stages.

The need to identify a scientific problem. The main thing for any applicant for a PhD degree is the need to find an important and, most importantly, solvable problem. This can be done only in the very process of searching when observing or reading specialized literature, as well as participating in various scientific conferences and seminars. It is possible that somewhere there are some unresolved issues that it will be up to you to resolve.

Definition of relevance. As a rule, this factor grows out of the needs of practical activity and can be determined using the logic of the development of science. It is possible that earlier it was not possible to solve any specific scientific question, since there was no special equipment. But now it can be done, since task is timely. It also meets the needs of modern society. In addition, in science there are now ways to solve it or explore it from different angles.

Determining the core of the problem. Usually, this step is considered the key. For every effect has its own cause. And it is necessary to identify it in order to solve a certain problem. Often, certain processes occur during the experiments. And sometimes it is very important to find out why exactly they happen.

Expansion of the scope of the subject that is being researched. You may be able to use related scientific fields to show the subject under study from different and often quite unexpected sides. Then it will be possible to see the problem in more detail and in detail. And also, logically justify her choice.

Final formulation of the problem. After you complete all the steps described a little earlier, you will be able to identify a scientific problem without any serious difficulties, as well as solve it.


In conclusion of this article, I would like to say that in order to identify a scientific problem, it is necessary to take into account a set of certain factors, among which can note the very need for posing the problem, identifying its relevance and novelty, determining the core of the problem, as well as expanding the scope of the subject under study.

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