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Detroit fire woman of the year.

Meet Detroit Fire Department Woman of the Year

- Sergeant Elizabeth Szmercsanyi.

Sergeant Elizabeth Szmercsanyi is a 25-year veteran with the Detroit Fire Department. She is a known leader throughout the

Department with numerous citations of valor, including the Medal of Valor at the Above & Beyond Awards Ceremony. She has a passion for helping people and was inspired to pursue a career in public safety after watching her mom and aunt work as Detroit Police Officers. They set an example of strong women leaders and she continues to carry on that legacy in her own career.

Sergeant Szmercsanyi spent most of her career in one of the busiest areas of the city, in the 9th Battalion. She has run at Engine 47, Ladder 30, Engine 46, Engine 50 and now at Ladder 23.

Sergeant Szmercsanyi always takes care of her crew, checking in on them after fatal fires and making sure they have all the resources they need. Throughout her career she has had many heroic fire rescues, saving many lives. Just this year, she and her trial firefighter rescued two small children from a fire, saving both children. Join us in congratulating her as a 2021 nominee for the Women in Blue - Detroit Fire Department Woman of the Year award.

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