Change of Beneficiaries

NOTE: Change of Beneficiaries can not be completed online, because we must have your signed form on file.

Please print TWO copies of the Change of Beneficiaries Form , complete and return them to the Fund.



Instructions For Designating Your Beneficiary




  • Designate as beneficiaries only living human beings.  In the alternative, you may designate your
    estate as your beneficiary.
  • If you designate your estate as your beneficiary, we suggest that you execute a proper will to provide
    for the disposition of your estate as you may desire, including of course arrangements to pay your
    funeral expenses.
  • If you are in doubt as the designation of a beneficiary, contact the Board of Trustees at (313) 628-0099



Procedures:form 3 two copies

  • Complete TWO copies of the Change of Beneficiaries Form.
  • Have your signature witnessed by an adult who is NOT a named beneficiary.
  • Submit both copies to the Board of Trustees for approval.   It is not effective until approved by two Trustees on behalf of the Association and sealed with the Association’s official seal.  Once approved, one copy will be returned to you for your records.
  • Be certain to review your beneficiary designation at least annually for changes which might be in order due to births, deaths, marriage, diviorce, ets.



Special Notice:hand only left green

Under Michigan law and the law in many states, a decree of divorce containing mandatory insurance provisions will eliminate your former spouse as a beneficiary of your death benefit.  If you become involved in divorce proceedings, bring this matter to the attention of your attorney.


bylaws b and w

Representations and Certifications:

By the execution and filing of this designation of beneficiary is a relative, a dependent or a person otherwise entitled
to be designated as a beneficiary pursuant to the Articles of Incorporation and the By-Laws of the Association.