We thank the following people for their generous donations
to the Detroit Firemen’s Benevolent Fund.

Your support is greatly appreciated.


Donations made in the name of Mary Ann Dostert:

Brad & Susan Markell
Luanne & Donald Goddard
Cheryl Dostert
William & Lorraine Brooks

Donations made in memory of Michael Lubig:

Frank Parello

Donations made in the name of Thomas Cavanaugh, Jr.:

Thomas and Patricia Cavanaugh
Mark and Andrea Babbitt

Additional Donations made in the name of Robert Grutza:

Kathleen Esper
Jennifer and Joseph Delmorone II
Linda Greene
Virgina Karolak
John and Ruth Niemiec
Richard and Mary Stefan
Ronald and Patricia Michalik
Jerry & Donna Kanopsky

Donations in the name of Dennis Cannon: 

Theresa and Richard Heaman
John and Margaret Kerr
Pamela Gillis
Janina Szajnecki

Donations in the name of Robert Grutza:

Roseanne Jakubowski and family
Mary and Fred Samples
Helen Kirwan
Theresa Deisler
David Sokolowski and Ruth Brown
Margaret and Robert Cendrowski

Donations made in memory of Reginald Damron:

Yolanda Wengrow
Wendy Rizzo
Christine Paul
Patty Aldridge
Jordan Simmons

Donations made in the name of Edward Quirk:

B. A. and M. Mattiello
Richard Paddock
James Paddock

Donations made to the DFD Clown Team, for their truck:

Derek Petrak, Petrak & Associates Inc.

Donations made in memory of Samuel Cimino: 

Victoria Cimino
Mr. & Mrs. Andre Colandone
Roger and Janice LoPresti
The Orlando Family
Pamela H. Thomas
Aileen J. Malczewski
Frank and Lori Clarke-Grammatico
Donna and Michael Carney
Mary Reynolds
Rebecca Reynolds
Susan B. Robinson
Suzette Brinkman
Friends of Entertainment
Marcia Mattiello

Donation from Eugene Prizgint in memory of his wife, Dorothy.

Donations in memory of Doris Jordan were made by the following people:

William and Marlene Kenney
Shawn and Nancy Regentin
John and Nina Pica
Thomas and Margaret Winkel
Julia and Thomas Martinek
Norman and Barbara Morrell
Diane Mavretich
David and Loree Mehelas
Robert and Christine Gilling

Donations in memory of Bob McClary:

Cathy & Bob Heckt
Betty, John & Ruth Dziuba
Eric & Sue Soule

Donations in memorium of Mark A. Carpenter (RET):

Drs. Delaney, Plunkett, Ralstrom, Makowski,
Thanasas, Ker, & Assoc., P.C.

Donations in memory of Joseph Godell:

Mr. and Mrs. Francis
Cynthia Hewa

Donations in memory of George Valrance:

Marge Hansen
Barbara Rex
Massachusetts Antique Fire Apparatus Association
David and Donna Anderson
Blue Flame Retirees Club
Michigan Firehouse Museum
Matt Lee
Ronald Drinkert
Nancy Lee
John Kaled
Carol Mathews
Box 42 Associates
Box 12 Associates
Donations made in memory of Patrick Adams

Walter and Barb Hunt
De la Salle Collegiate
Gary and Christine Schilling
Marc and Karen Cleland
Marion Lancaster
Christopher and Jacqueline Czarnik
Gordon Cameron
David and Barbara Ziegenbein
Nancy Damiani
Dianne and Vincent Mattina Jr.